Marble is a composite of sediments, shells, plant matter, silt, animal skeletons that has solidified into stone and mined from the bottom of bodies of water. Each piece of marble is shaped and formed from nature's creations, making each piece a unique masterpiece. A primary component of marble is calcium making it sensitive to acid. Marble is a distinctive and elegant natural stone with subtle beauty that can transform your project into something remarkable.

Benefits of Marble:

Benefits of Marble:

  • Marble is available in a variety of unique textures, colors, and depth
  • Marble can be polished to a mirror-finish, bringing out its natural depth
  • Marble can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Cultured marble is very stain and scratch resistant and can be repaired- Installing marble countertops adds value to your home
  • Elegant and distinctive
  • Marble is a softer natural stone, thus cutting directly on marble will cause scratching
  • Marble is acid sensitive, etching, an instant chemical reaction, does occur if it comes in contact. Acidic items include: citrus fruit, tomatoes, cosmetics, wine, and other alcohols
  • Marble is susceptible to staining, including water stains
  • Marble is not heat resistant

Care Instructions:

  • It is important to note that you must maintain your marble properly
  • Use trivets, cutting boards, and placemats under all ceramic, china, and glassware to protect from scratches.
  • Wipe up all spills immediately and only use cleaners specified for use on marble
  • Utilize hot pads under all hot surfaces